Christmas Recipes

This Christmas recipes page will eventually have food that are traditionally enjoyed at Christmas time by Singaporeans and Malaysians.

Every Singaporean and Malaysian family has its own favourite. The Eurasians may have Devil Curry and Feng, the Indians will have thosai (dosa) and sambals and the Chinese will have roast pork, just as examples.

I shall also exercise some culinary license and add some non local recipes from time to time, just to make it more exciting for you! Some of them may be classics, while others, will be my own take on them for a fusion recipe, like this Eurasian Pot Roast Beef.

Bookmark this page, I plan to fill it up with traditional Kristang recipes and also Dutch influenced ones from Malacca.

Remember, this is a new site (Jan 2021), so bear with me, as I fill it up. In the meantime, you’ll find an amazing collection of Christmas recipes from around the world over at LinsFood.

And if you need anything, just drop me a comment below, send me an email or find me on social media as Azlin Bloor.

Christmas Recipes
Christmas Recipes on LinsFood
Tandoori turkey on a platter, white christmas scene
Three Fish Roast
Crown roast of lamb
Three Bird Roast (Royal Roast)
Sage, Onion and Chorizo Stuffing on board
Brussels Sprouts with Chorizo
Eggless Christmas Pudding Cheesecake
hot buttered brandy

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