Hawker Centre, Pasar Malam and Street Food Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of Mee Siam? Or Hainanese Chicken Rice? Or some Teh Tarik, perhaps? I know I do!

On this page, you will find a delicious collection of recipes that we all grew up eating at our beloved hawker centres, food stalls and of course, pasar malam! Having only started this site in 2021, with another site to run (LinsFood), as well as my cooking classes (and homeschooling kids!), it may take me another good year to really fill this category up as well as I want to. But I know you’ll be patient with me, right?

If there’s anything you desperately need, drop me a line. I always oblige!

Hawker Centre Recipes
Pasar Malam Recipes

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